Associated Press

When Carrie served as the lead designer for the editorial division of the Associated Press from 2010 through 2012, one of her tasks was to create logos for new business ventures and special projects.

The logo promoting the AP’s World Cup coverage was designed to stay true to the AP brand while also satisfying all editorial (print, video and online), mobile, product development, marketing and business-strategy needs. Carrie developed the logo into several variations to fit the wide-ranging requirements.

AP Media Editors Association, in collaboration with the AP and the Pew Center on the States, commissioned this logo for an initiative targeting state and local government spending cuts and budget proposals. The logo was used by third-party affiliates with the option to be AP branded.

AP Election Services commissioned this logo for the promotion and publication
of products connected to its election coverage and vote tabulation system.

Logo for cross-format editorial series on Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans

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