Character-Inspired Video Narrative
This assignment is to create a biographical or autobiographical narrative inspired by a real living being (of any time-period). Students produce an online video integrating visual elements synchronized to sound, produced with After Effects and/or Premiere (plus Audition). Story may be linear or non-linear, literal or conceptual in structure. Example themes include a self-portrait, a retelling of a personal experience, a personal history or timeline, an ode to someone the student cares about (human or animal) or an expression of feeling that relates to a real relationship.

Annamarie Dunne – A Shoe Story ››

Kinsey Horneck – Kinsey’s Story ››

Omar Hernandez – Running out of time >>

Audrey Twigg – Comeback ››

Nghia “Kenny” Truong – Rinse and Repeat (animation) ››

Daisy Corso – Sway >>

Nori Hess – Women of 2020 ››

Nicole Binuya – Third Grade Letters >>

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