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Carrie gives customized talks to entrepreneurs, women's groups and university students on a wide-range of topics, from the educational to the inspirational. Her versatility enables her to craft lectures, workshops and discussions customized for specific audiences.
She polished her speaking and performance skills from age 11 to 15, when she competed nationally and was a state finalist on her high school speech team. Most recently, she has taught at Metropolitan State University of Denver in their Communication Design program since January 2016, and she joined the Digital Design program at University of Colorado Denver in mid-2018. Learn more ››​​​​​​​
speaking about storytelling
Carrie headlined the September 2014 CRAVE NYC event as part of the international professional women’s networking community. The chosen monthly topic was Storytelling and the group called the inspirational theme “Discover your story magic!”
In her talk, Carrie provided educational takeaways by exploring the definition of stories beyond traditional concepts. Her definition of storytelling as it applies to creative strategy is “communication with the intent to create a connection, make an impression and elicit an emotional reaction.”
She also shared her own personal story about lessons she’s learned throughout her life-long love affair with the art and craft of storytelling in all of its many forms – from the visual, verbal, statistical, experiential & interpersonal to the literal & conceptual.

Different ways to talk about storytelling

Three things audiences love

Answer to audience question: “What do you think in your personal opinion is the biggest barrier or challenge for either individuals or businesses to tell a compelling, effective story?”

Connecting your story with the world

speaking about newsletters
Carrie taught the class “How to Create an Engaging Newsletter that Converts” in October 2014 at In Good Company, a community for women entrepreneurs based in New York City.

Making & maintaining the connection with your audience

Next day responses from attendees:
“What a fabulous presentation/workshop you have done on How to Create an Engaging Newsletter. You have brought me from elementary to university level and [I] already have drafted a super newsletter for one of my projects and know it will be effective and very engaging… Carrie, you are an ocean of skills and wisdom to turn anyone’s life around. Your enthusiasm is contagious and encourages us to pass it on to others around us. Thanks a million”
“You generated so many ideas for attendees with your streamlined, insightful approach to newsletter marketing... Once again, thank you!”
Range of other requested talks & lectures:
• Find Your Path in the Evolving Design Industry: Where Can You Go? – (AIGA Colorado)
• Visualizing Data Journalism & Storytelling – (Department of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences, University of Colorado Denver)
• Promotion in the Film Industry: Tools, techniques and systems for marketing yourself and your film – (Department of Film & Television, University of Colorado Denver)
• Information is Cheap, Meaning is Expensive: The Growing Need for Data Storytelling – (Denver Design Week)
• How to Present and Project Your Voice with Impact – (Social Enterprise Alliance)
• Innovative Ways to Create Social Impact – (Colorado Ivy Plus Women)
• Master the Art of Branded Content – (Savor the Success)
• Website Clinic for Entrepreneurs – (In Good Company)
• Exploring Intimacy – (Crave Company)
• What is infographic, interactive and data journalism, and why are non-traditional formats so essential to storytelling and communications in the media – (Manhattanville College)
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