Carrie's digital design classroom at CU Denver, July 2019

design student work
Carrie joined the faculty of Metropolitan State University of Denver in January 2016, where she teaches in the Communication Design B.F.A. program through the Department of Art.
She teaches Narrative Design (CDES 3625) every semester. In this course, she encourages her students to explore the full spectrum of traditional and alternative modes of storytelling through video, animation and imagery both static and as series. Assignments range from fiction and biography to brand identity, infographics, photography, illustration and interactive narratives among others.
Other 16-week courses at MSU Denver include Identity & Systems Design (CDES 3623), Typographic Syntax (CDES 2225) and Communication Design Internships (CDES 4625/3980), where she helps students navigate the creative workplace.
Beginning in August 2018, she also joined the Digital Design program in the Visual Arts department at University of Colorado Denver, where she has taught Drawing I (FINE 1100), Introduction to Digital Design (FINE 2405), Typography Studio (FINE 2415), Typography II (FINE 3404), Design Studio I (FINE 3415) and Design Studio III (FINE 4400) – where students spend half of the semester working with real clients to rebrand and produce motion, static and interactive brand assets for established non-profit organizations.
In July 2019, she taught high school students as the Motion Graphics Academic Director at CU Denver's LYNX National Arts & Media Camp (photo above).

faculty evaluations
Below are an assortment of confidential student evaluations submitted to both universities at the end of the semester:
“The instructor for this class is one of the best Ive ever had during my time at MSU, she is great and totally beyond the right fit for this class. She has taught me so much and I owe all this new found knowledge to her. She is great when it comes to making sure that the whole class is on the same page, always there for any extra help and would never leave a student behind. Best teacher in the world.”
“Carrie is a fantastic teacher. She’s helpful, kind, funny and a joy to learn from. Her lessons were engaging and extremely interesting, including lots of practical, real-world examples. I appreciated the one on one consulting on projects.”
“I love Carrie. She’s a great teacher. She was extremely helpful whenever I had any questions and is a very fair grader. She pushes her students to be the best they can be.”
“I loved having Carrie as a teacher. She is so helpful, smart and easy to talk to.”
“Carrie is incredibly knowledgeable about the material she teaches, and she knows how to communicate in a way that is engaging and clear. I appreciate her help with all projects – she really knows how to push my ideas and designs!”
“Carrie is a completely understanding instructor with knowledge to share well beyond the immediate work being addressed. She will take the time to make sure you know exactly what is needed and how to accomplish that goal.”
“She was always available to give feedback. She encouraged me to push back on her ideas if I wanted to stand by my design as long as I had good reasoning behind it. She always encouraged me to work harder and push past my comfort zone and better my design. She was always helpful and I never felt negativity from her. I truly enjoyed this class and would take more with her if I could. I really feel like I grew as a designer during the course of this class.”
“Carrie’s experience in the field really helped us in this class. She is supportive, kind and easy to talk to, on top of having a great eye for detail and always pushing us to live up to our potential. I look forward to taking another class with her in the future.”
“very clear on what was expected and encouraged. very organized. good communicator. very willing to help. kind. personable.”
“She knew what she was talking about and was a great instructor. I was having a hard time throughout the semester with personal issues, and she worked with me through it.”
“I really appreciated Ms. Osgood's understanding and caring nature. She was willing to work with me and my disability and never made me feel ashamed for not being able to keep up with the pace of class work. In addition to providing constructive criticism for art pieces, she also gave compliments.”
“I have learned so much from Carrie. First of all I love how much she actually cares about her students successes. She has always been a great help to me and gives me the resources I need to keep moving forward.”
“Professor Osgood really helps improve everyones unique styles. She cares about her students and teaches everyone at a pace that is followable and effective. One of my favorite teachers that I've had so far, I will recommend her class for all those looking for a digital design or typography class.”
“Everything was great in the class.”
“She is very available and happy to help students who don’t understand something.”
“I really did enjoy [her] process with each assignment! I always have felt welcomed and that my ideas were important. I really feel like I learned a lot and it really makes me want to continue working on my typography and digital art in general. Overall, I am so happy I took this class!”
“Very involved int he process of projects and assignments, always on top of  keeping up with the schedule. Lots of insight about industry experience is helpful.”
“Instructor is very helpful and informative about assignments for class and outside projects as well. Easy to talk to.”
“Carrie did a great job answering any questions I had throughout the whole semester, answered my emails quickly and always helped me improve my work”
“Carrie is a helpful, knowledgeable teacher who had a genuine interest in her students.”
“She knows her stuff.”
“She got very involved. She challenged us to push our work. She was very straight forward, and had a way of making sure you understood exactly what you needed to know. I enjoyed the projects that were given to us. I built up quite a bit of knowledge in this class that I plan to use in the future!”
“Very professional and informational on everything the course has to offer.”
“Carrie is a fair and intense instructor. She's always giving feedback and looking for you to push your ideas more and more. She emphasizes research and study, which is something I can appreciate. Although she does give out a lot or work for us to do, her idea is to keep us productive and thinking conceptually about the ideas we make. I plan on taking another class with Carrie, to gain more knowledge from her experiences in the field.”
“Carrie was very knit-picky on some of the things but it did help in the long run and allowed us to grow with the feedback.”
“The instructor was very helpful with technical issues, throughout at explaining concepts and ideas and knowledgeable with examples from various fields.”
“Overall she was very helpful, approachable and always wanted to have a line of communication established so she knew how you were doing on a project. If you were having difficulties she would do what she could to sort them out and help.”
“Gave me good feed back on assignments and really helped me when i was struggling.”
“The instructor explained all concepts discussed so that students would understand and be able to apply those concepts in real life. The instructor was very helpful when students didn’t get the lecture she took time to explain it so we all were on the same page. Awesome class!”
“Carrie is super knowledgeable about everything we talked about in class and she was super great about giving feedback and helping us make our projects better”
“Carrie is super involved! She is easy to talk to and always available. It is clear that she is passionate about the subject and that she knows what she is doing.”
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