speaking & teaching
The craft of speaking to groups of people involves authenticity, conviction, dynamics, and poise. 
A gifted orator, Carrie gives customized talks to entrepreneurs, women's groups and university students on a wide-range of topics, from the educational to the inspirational. She polished her speaking and performance skills from age 11 to 15, when she competed nationally and was a state finalist on her high school speech team. Most recently, she has been Affiliate Faculty at Metropolitan State University of Denver in their Communication Design program since January 2016, and she joined the Digital Design program at University of Colorado Denver in mid-2018. Learn more ››
published writing
Eloquence with the written word takes many forms, from the literal to the lyrical. Regardless of the tone or structure, the most effective words flow together in ways that engage and permeate within the reader.

Carrie’s writing has appeared in countless print and online publications across the globe, in the form of personal travel stories, entertainment features and copy within AP interactives and graphics (reporting news events through headlines, intro text, explainers, glances and chronologies). She also composes more creative, conceptual and educational forms of written expression, with additional stories on her blog: medium.com/@carrieosgood.

COMMUNICATE WITH IMPACT: 10 Elements of Effective Messaging  •  Educational business article (Women@Forbes • July 2018)  •  Read story as published by Forbes
RACISM IN SPORTS  •  Educational book for middle-school audience (May 2013)  •  Read first chapter and outline summaries
AP STYLEBOOK  •  Styles for news graphics and interactives (May 2012)  •  Read entries (pdf)
FILMMAKERS OFTEN CAN’T SEEM TO USE A MAP  •  Commentary on geographical inaccuracies in Oscar-nominated films, focussing on “Little Miss Sunshine” (February 2007)  •  Read story as published by Fox News (pdf)
‘LOST’ TRIES TO GET ITS MOJO BACK • Critique of season 3’s split season (February 2007)  •  Read story as published by Yahoo! News (pdf)
‘MEN IN TREES’ SWINGS TO NEW TIMESLOT  •  Review supporting struggling new show (November 2006)  •  Read story as published by the Canadian Press (pdf)
A LITTLE BIT OF ‘GREY'S ANATOMY’ IN ALL OF US  •  Commentary on the show’s popularity (September 2006)  •  Read story as published by MSNBC/The Today Show
FRIENDS OF ‘FRIENDS’ QUIZ  •  Sidebar to accompany coverage leading to the series finale (May 2004)  •  Read story as published by the Deseret News in Salt Lake City (pdf)
HOW MANY OF YOUSS REMEMBER YOUR SEUSS?  •  Text in graphic celebrating Dr. Seuss’ 100 birthday (February 2004)  •  View graphic (pdf)
ONE  •  Inspirational gift book (written fall 2001, book designed in 2004)  •  Read book

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